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Our Most Recent Updates To Funnels Kit
Membership Creation Funnels
You can throw away your membership software as we have built everything you need to create your membership sites inside Funnels Kit.
Instantly create membership site and connect them to your funnels inside funnels kit to build up that recurring income.

Instantly create your own membership site in just a few steps, protect anything from video’s to PDFs and create lessons in the easy drag and drop menu.
 You can give access to selected funnels/products for users who have purchased in the funnel.

You can also drip feed content to your membership site subscribers.
Drag And Drop Page Builder
Our brand new page builder has been updated and ready for our flagship launch. 

You can create stunning sales pages with many different elements added and even more to come.
Here is just a selection of what you can do


You can create popups from our in built system.


Add timers to your pages to create even more scarcity

Saved Selections

Create one section then save it to use it on multiple pages.

Image Slider

Add image slider that look amazing to your pages.

Also Including

Text, button creator, colomuns, progress bars, images, videos, and much more
Drag and Drop Funnel Builder
No longer do you just have to use our funnels you can also create your own funnels from our drag and drop system. This means you create your own sales page or use one of our templates, create the thank you and build your own funnel.
And instantly connect it to your Paypal or Stripe, no setting up just decide on the price and you are good to go.
Your own funnels can be created and connected in just a few easy steps:

Step One

Choose create your own funnel from scratch

Step Two

Give you funnel a name, decide on your price and choose your sales page

Step Three

If you want upsells then add here then save
Funnels Kit is different to anything else you have seen out there. Let me get this out there right from the start...

This is not just a funnel builder!

This has the funnels already built in for you. Nothing at all to do just plug and play and start earning from our premade funnels.

Not only sales funnels BUT lead generation funnels as well. Complete with the gifts, thank you pages and full campaign set up and ready to go.

It just doesnt get any easier.

Connect your Paypal and Stripe save on network fees and start building out your funnel empire.
Decide on which pre done offer you wish to promote, give the campaign a name. Make any changes you wish in our built in page builder. 

Hit save then the campaign is generated.
Decide which pre done lead generation funnel you will use, connect in the in built auto responder choose the list for the lead to go into. Connect the campaign you created and pick any ads you want to add in. Hit save
Thats it you are done the camapign is ready to recieve traffic. You collect the leads, you get paid on any sales and in the funnel as well. 

It 100% all yours all done and ready to go.

In Funnels Kit you have everything you need to start building high income generating campaigns. 
  •    Done For You Lead Generation Campaigns - Including the downloads and thank you pages
  •    Page Builder - Create your own funnels from scratch
  •    Done For You Sales Campaigns - Done for you funnels including all upsells and products included
  •    All Fully Editable - You can edit any page, thank you and campaign
Remember everything is done for you inside Funnels Kit.
Lead Generation
You don't just get the templates to start using you get our fully done for lead generation campaigns. This included the lead page (fully editable) the thank you page (fully editable) and has all the gifts already on there for your leads. Plus the templates connect directly to the auto responder built in.
Sales Campaigns
Front end sales page and all upsells included. Everything is done and can be ready to run in litterally two minutes. All upsells, downsells, products, thank you page included and ready to be deployed in seconds. All buyer leads can be send direct to your autoresponder.
All our sales campaigns have pre done for you swipes which you are free to use or edit to your own use. Collect the lead via the lead generation and then sell the sales campaigns via our swipes. That you preload into your auto responder. Sit back and watch the income roll in.
Campaign Ad Graphics
Each of our sales campaigns have pre done graphic ads for you. You can auto insert these direct into the thank you pages of your lead generation campaigns. So you can automatically upsell your sales campaign and you don't need to do anythign else!
Funnel Builder
Create your own stand alone funnels no need to rely on our pre-built ones. You can create your own funnels from scratch. You can do this in three easy steps, decide on a name, add in your sales and thank you page. Decide on a price then add upsells as needed
Membership Site Creator
Create your own membership sites and membership funnels. Fully featured membership site creator help you build recurring income. Protect anything from videos to PDF’s. You can create multiple sections and lessons and even drip feed content.
As a Platinum Member, You Will Get...
  •    In Built Autoresponder - Unlimited mailing
  •    Funnel System - You can create as many funnels as you wish
  •    Lead Gen System - You can create as many lead gen pages as you wish
  •    Page Builder System - You can edit as many marketing pages as you wis
  •     DFY Swipes For Every Funnel - Including lead generation and sales funnels
  •     Funnels Kit Platinum Training - Weekly video from Richard Fairbairn and his team
  •     Membership Site Creator - You can create as many membership site as you wish
  •     Funnel Builder - Create your own funnels with our drag and drop builder
  •     Plus lots more inside 
Start Creating Your Cash and Lead Funnels Today
We have lots of sales funnels and lead gneration funnels ready to go. They include:
  •    Sales pages
  •    Done for you product
  •    Thank you pages
  •    Lead generation pages
  •    And much more
Some Of Our Prebuild Sales Funnels Included

Funnels Kit Lead Magnet

Our lead pages module features a collection of done for you lead pages with thank you pages and gifts all ready to go to start collecting leads. Our lead pages and magnets can be hooked up with any of the campaigns you create in Funnels Kit.
There is full collection of banners and pre made call to actions that plug directly into the thank you pages. So everything works together seamlessly.

Funnels Kit Builder

Want to get the most from your funnels but don't know where to start? in Funnels Kit we give you our pre made funnels to use. These are proven funnels that have generated our company $10,000's.
Everything from low ticket to high ticket funnels are included. Everything is set and ready to go all you need to do is connect your payment provider and then off you go. No setting up is required.

Funnels Kit Camapign Manager

Our campaign manager lets you see which campaigns are working for you and which aren't. It will show you customer spends, the lifetime value of the customer, the customer spends and much more.

The dashboard will update with every confirmed sale in the funnels and campaigns you are creating to give you an up to date picture.

Funnels Kit Autoresponder

Our autoresponder is built directly into Funnels Kit and comes with a full unlimited use. Funnels Kit autoresponder connects directly with the lead magnet pages so when a lead is collected via the lead magnet it goes directly into your list you specify inside your autoresponder.
Has auto follow up, segmentation works with all the best SMTP's and has a full unlimited usage so you can collect and mail as many emails as you wish.

Funnels Kit Page System

You can build your marketing pages and edit our pages inside Funnels Kit we have a full page building system that has lots of elements you can use to build and edit your pages.
Has text elements, image elements, links and link blocks, buttons, grids, quote's, timers and much more. Instant preview and edit as you are building your marketing pages.

Funnels Kit Tracking

Funnels Kit has a full tracking system built inside so set up the campaign and start tracking. See what is converting in beautiful graphs and get an instant picture of your up to date stats.

You can set and watch multiple campaigns at the same time to check what is happening and where you are making your money.

Funnels Kit Ad Manager

Funnels Kit has a built in ads system, you can automatically ad our prebuilt ads to maximise the highest clicks and most sales. Our in house graphics team will be building more graphics and adding them on a weekly basis.
All ads and graphics are fresh and will help you get the most clicks from your thank you pages.

Funnels Kit Customer Management

Manage your customers in real time see how much they have spent and by what payment method and on which funnel. All data is shown so you can see who your most profitable customers are.
Everything is exportable so you can look back over the data to see which campaigns and funnels were profitable.

Funnels Kit Platinum Training

We not only full training for the platform but we also include on going training on how to get the most customers. We don't just leave you in the dark Richard Fairbairn has been working online for olmost 23years and is a top affiliate marketer.
You will learn things like making sure your email gets into the inbox, getting the most from a customer and improving the lifetime value. Setting up lead capture pages that get crazy optin rates and much much more.

Funnels Kit Software

Not only do you get the rights to resell all the software inside Funnels Kit you also get personal rights to use the software in your marketing. With many different marketing apps plus more being added monthly you will never need to be buying products again.
You will have everything you need to start making sure you get enough visitors to your Funnel Kits camapigns.

Membership Site Creator

This will help you build up your recurring membership when you create monthly membership sites. You can protect anything using our new system from PDF’s to video’s and even protect other funnels. 

You can drip feed the content so a member won't see that content until you decide. This will help with retention.

Funnel Builder

Our new drag and drop funnel builder means you are not restricted to our done for you funnels. 

You can build your own funnels from scratch in just three easy steps. No having to add payment forms or processors it's all done for you. Your own custom funnels can be created in just a few minutes.
Funnel Creator
The funnel creator system lets you swap and use pre done funnels for you to get the best conversion
Lead Magnet
Instant done for you lead magnets including done for you lead pages, thank you pages and downloads included
Built in auto responder your leads go directly into your own unlimited auto responder with multiple smtp
Giveaway Products
Every lead magnet comes with its own done for you give away product just hook it up and start selling
Low Ticket Resellers
Funnels Kit will include done for you low ticket items. These will be priced at between $17-$27
Mid Ticket Resellers
Funnels Kit will include done for you low ticket items. These will be priced at between $67-$197
High Tickets Resellers
Funnels Kit will include done for you low ticket items. These will be priced at between $497 coming January 2019
Link Tracking
You can track any link or campaign that you create inside the link tracking system. See what is converting.
Customer Management
You can see who has purchased what and by what method and by which campaign this is full customer management.
Thank You Pages
Thank you page that are pre done for you and include sections to add call to actions and ads. Includes all downloads.
Tracking System
Full built in track system, track all funnels and exactly what is happening across your campaigns.
Ad Manager
We have a full in built graphics ad manager you can see all the ads for each campaign and which to use.
Money Back Guarantee
You have a full 30 day money back guarantee anytime you decide that Funnels Kit is not for you just let us know.
Funnels Kit Training
We provide training for setting up funnels and setting up your lead generation funnels and linking those together.
Platinum Training
As a platinum member you also receive in depth training into how to maximise the returns on your funnels. 

Our Advanced Training Sessions

Each week Richard and his team will record new training sessions these will be added to the dashboard of your program to help you generate even more income.

How to build leads and turn those leads into paying customers. How to build a successful email campaign.


Email Funnel System

We have crafted email funnels that turn openers into clickers and clickers into buyers.

You get access to every email funnel for every system and you can add them to our built in autoresponder and use those email funnels you can edit to make them your own. We add more each month.


Info Funnels

We are including 15 premade information funnels for you. These include everything you need from the lead generation right down to the pro upsells.

We will be adding more information funnels each month. These are great sellers.

Here Is The Bonus For Taking Our Software For A Test Drive
This system is for both newbies and more advanced marketers if you are stuck and not able to maximise your traffic then look no further than Funnels Kit.
If you want a quick and easy way to build done for you lead generation funnels then look no further than Funnels Kit.
If you want a quick and easy way to build done for you sales campaigns with everything included then look no further than Funnels Kit.
If you are sick of paying monthly for your autoresponder and are limited on the leads you are adding then look no further than Funnels Kit.
Paying a high price for your page builder then use our in built page builder and start creating amazing looking pages.
Our easy to use system will sky rocket your conversions and help you build funnels. Remember everything is done for you.
Money Back Guarantee
 Here is our promise to you. Try the Funnels Kit package risk free for 30 days and if it is not right for you then all you need to do is send us a support ticket and we will refund every penny of your purchase. 

No questions asked...
No quibble...
Just a full refund...

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